How to export items from China?

Procedure to export from China

To establish the type of export license that is necessary for each commodity, the China Ministry of Commerce has divided goods into three categories: approved goods (automatically licensed), restricted goods, and forbidden goods.

Although exports of restricted products are permitted, their control and management are only possible with the granting of licenses or annual limits. Exporting and trading illegal goods are both outright prohibited.

  • Anytime a foreign trade company (FTC) wishes to export products from China, an export license is necessary.
  • However, if the items are being sold under the INCOTERMS FOB, this may not be required (free on board)
  • A document known as an export license or permit, which is given to businesses by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), collects details on the exporter, the buyer, the cargo, the value, and the mode of transportation.
  • In order to get an importer or exporter Customs Registration Code, also known as an IOR or EOR (Importer / Exporter of Record), all importers and exporters in China are obliged to register with customs authorities.
  • For all shipments, excluding documents and personal belongings, the CR code must be listed on the customs declaration forms.

Documents required

  • export licensed or permit
  • certificate of origin
  • HS Code
  • invoice
  • Finished/semi-finished
  • Name/contacts of the supplier
  • Destination of product
  • Recipient
  • packing list
  • Value and description of the merchandise
  • Composition of the merchandise
  • certificate of fumigation

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