How to import food into Canada as a NRI (Non resident importers)?

What are the requirements?

An NRI is a person who imports food into Canada but whose permanent place of business is situated somewhere else. Under certain restrictions, NRIs are permitted to get a Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) license.

These specifications include the necessity for a license, a preventive control strategy, traceability records, and recall protocols.

Following is the requirement

  • The resources that are accessible to you and the licensing requirements for food imports.
  • According to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), certain food establishments must create, keep, and implement a written preventive control plan (PCP) that outlines how food-related hazards and risks are managed.
  • Some food firms keep track of how their products move up and down the supply chain, from the immediate source to the customer. A wide range of food enterprises is subject to these regulations.

Procedure to import foods as an NRI from the United States

According to the SFCR, an NRI must ship the food directly from a CFIA-recognized foreign state to Canada.

  • The specific import requirements for importing food can be found in the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS).
  • The United States (US) is now the only authorized foreign state from which an NRI may transfer specific foods straight to Canada aside from meat and live or raw seafood.
  • NRIs must satisfy all applicable SFCR requirements, including those in section 12, before the CFIA may grant them an SFC license.
  • Understanding the food you import is the first step in importing safe food.
  • Must familiarize with Canadian Requirements
  • and keep traceability documents detailing your food’s origins and purchasers.
  • You are in charge of making sure that your foreign supplier is producing, preparing, storing, packaging, or labeling the food under the same criteria needed in Canada before it is imported.
  • Must create Preventive and implement the plan.
  • You need to create your complaints and recall procedure before submitting an application for an import license.
  • To import food (including food ingredients) into Canada, you need a license.
  • For further information, check here.

Procedure to import foods as an NRI from the other country?

  • You would only be eligible to apply for a license as an NRI in specific circumstances. Only under the predetermined conditions are NRIs in nations other than the United States able to import meat and shellfish into Canada.
  • For more information check here.

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