How to clear the customs & Duties for the Vehicles in France?


In order for your foreign car to be exempted, you need to have paid the customs and/or tax
charges in your country of origin.
After your vehicle is cleared by customs, you will be issued with the following:
 A copy of the customs declaration
 Proof of residence
 An 846 A certificate, which you need to register the vehicle with a prefecture within four
months from the date of its issue.
These documents, which prove that you have paid the duties and taxes, must be presented to
the prefecture where your vehicle will be registered. You must change the registration of your
vehicle with a prefecture responsible for the registration of vehicles within one month of
acquiring your residence permit in France.

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Points to remember

  • Companies need to have an EORI number in order to conduct import/export business with France (Economic Operator Registration and Identification).
  • Each operator in his interactions with the customs officials is identified by this special number, which is valid throughout the European Union. Companies founded outside of the EU that do not already have an EORI number in the EU are required to register with the French Customs Administration.
  • You can export or import goods in your name to France once you have an EORI number.
  • Giving preference to those who have received an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) approval is advised because it will give you assurances of dependability and confidence in the clearance of your goods.

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