How to get Special Restaurant Licence in Ireland?

What is Irish Special Restaurant Licence? | Who can use Special Restaurant Licence?

Special Restaurant Licence is a licence to sell for all kind of alcohol to be consumed in the holder’s restaurant

  • Alcohol can be served in the dining place or waiting area or anywhere inside or outside the premises.
  • The licence holder must take payment for the alcohol at the same time as the meal.

Licence Validity: 1 year from 1 October to 30 September. Every year 30 th September, licence has to be renewed

Special Restaurant Licence cost:

For new licence: €3,805

For renewal: €500

How to apply and obtain Special Restaurant Licence in Ireland?

  1. Submit the court certificate to the National Excise Licence Office along with the completed Application Form.
  2. The application needs to be signed by the “licensee, if a sole trader”, “one of the partners, if a partnership”, “the company secretary or a director of the company, in the case of an incorporated firm”.
  3. Once the application’s process has started, you will be received a First Time Application Notice.
  4. After that pay for the licence using that link

All licensees require tax clearance and, in certain cases, a:

Revenue will automatically check your tax clearance status before issuing the licence.

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