How to become a customs and Border Force Officer in New Zealand?

Who is the Customs Officer in New Zealand?

Customs Officers have an important ‘front line’ role in safeguarding and strengthening New Zealand’s interests by controlling security and community hazards linked with the flow of people, products, and craft into and out of the country, as well as collecting customs and excise revenue.

This position is critical in detecting and stopping dangerous people and prohibited commodities from crossing New Zealand’s border, also facilitating lawful trade and travel and collecting Crown income.

There are three main places where new Customs Officers can work:

1. Deployment

2. District Port

3. Specialist Area

What are the duties of a Customs Officer in New Zealand?

1. Detecting illicit activities such as undocumented cargo, prohibited commodities, and illegal aliens by searching aircraft, cars, facilities, and individuals, as well as checking paperwork and goods.

2. Visa and residence applications are examined and assessed.

3. Identifying insect and weed issues, as well as treatment and management options.

4. determining whether or not a demand for government assistance is valid.

5. Random auditing of tax papers to find non-compliance with tax laws

6. visual inspections of railway wagons, carriages, and locomotives’ mechanical, structural, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems for condition and classification.

7. receiving and evaluating water-use license applications, analyzing the ability of water resources to satisfy new requirements, and doing site inspections.

8. ensuring that rail, tram, and bus services are supplied on time, inspecting vehicle cleanliness, presentation, and condition, and making recommendations modifications, and enhancements to services.

9. Carry out commercial and drug investigations.

10. Manage customs declarations and inquiries using a computer system.

Eligibility/Qualification to become a Custom officer?

1. Working as a customs officer does not require any specific credentials. You must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident with a valid driver’s license in order to apply. After being chosen at an assessment center, successful applicants must pass a medical exam before beginning training. It takes nine weeks to train customs officers.

2. Prospective immigration officers must also be citizens of New Zealand or have permanent status in the country. They go through training and evaluation, and if they pass, they continue on to a longer-term on-the-job training. Tertiary education is not necessary, but it can be advantageous.

3. A bachelor’s degree in botany or zoology, as well as a driver’s license, are normally required of biosecurity officers.

What is the procedure / how to apply for a customs officer in New Zealand?

Training and Development of Customs officer

After successfully completing of training, you will be sworn in as a Customs Officer. This will begin with comprehensive six-week training that will introduce you to Customs and prepare you for the following, among other things:

1. Border laws and customs authority
2. Offenses
3. Interviewing and questioning
4. Baggage, products, and persons are all being searched.
5. Safety and Tactics for Kapa Haka Drug Identification Officers (de-escalation of situations and self-defense)

Before graduating, you’ll join your team and get another six months of on-the-job training, including coaching from experienced officers and e-learning.

Salary of the customs officer in New Zealand?

As a Customs Officer, your beginning compensation will be around $49,000, with frequent increments as you gain experience in the position.



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