How to become a customs and Border Force Officer in Japan

Who is a Customs officer in Japan?

The Customs and Tariff Bureau, an internal bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Finance, is in charge of central Customs administration. The Director-General leads the Bureau, which is supported by two Deputy Directors-General. There are six departments and offices in the Customs and Tariff Bureau (CTB). There are two Counselor Offices and an Office of Economic Partnership in charge of international affairs. As of April 2019, the Bureau has 191 individuals on staff.

What are the duties/responsibilities of Customs officers in Japan?

Customs officers are in charge of preventing the illicit or harmful introduction of products. Firearms, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and endangered animals are all included. Customs officers’ responsibilities include preventing prohibited products from entering or departing the country on behalf of the government.

  • Customs duties, tonnage dues, special tonnage dues, and other Customs administration (including agreements on Customs duties with foreign countries): study and planning.
  • Customs charges and other taxes, such as tonnage tax and special tonnage tax, as well as consumption tax imposed on international freight, are subject to imposition and collection.
  • Surveillance and control of exporting and importing products, vessels, planes, and passengers in compliance with customs laws and regulations.
  • Concerns about the operation of Customs zones.
  • Supervision of Customhouse brokers and authorized Customhouse specialists;
  • Concerns about the Nippon Automated Freight And Port Consolidated System’s marine and air cargo processes (NACCS)
  • Examining documentation for imported items.
  • Concerns about general support for the Council on Customs, Tariff, Foreign Exchange, and Other Transactions’ Tariff Branch.

Eligibility/Qualification of Customs Officer in Japan?

  • Effective communication, intelligence, and the ability to handle a computer are all needed qualities. And, of course, complete awareness of all applicable customs policies and laws.
  • Interpersonal abilities are crucial.
  • Physical strength, as well as good coordination, are vital.

Salary of Customs Officer in Japan

The average gross compensation for a customs officer in Japan is $6,044,098 per year or $2,906 per hour.

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