How to become a Customs and Border Protection Officer (BF) in UK?

Who is a customs officer / Border force officer (BF) UK?

Border Force (BF) is a law enforcement command within the Home Office in charge of frontline border control operations in the United Kingdom’s air, sea, and rail ports. The force was part of the now-defunct UK Border Agency from its inception in 2008 until it was demerged in March 2012 by Home Secretary Theresa May following significant criticism of top management.

Terrorism, smuggling, fraud, organized crime, human trafficking, and the illegal trade of narcotics and endangered species are all risks that Border Force agents safeguard the UK from.

Border Force officers are dual-warranted, meaning they have the authority of both Customs and Border Patrol officers and immigration officers.

What are the duties/responsibility of a Border Force officer (BF)?

1. All travelers arriving by sea, air, or rail must have their passports and travel documents checked for immigration purposes to discover and intercept illegal products.

2. Interrogate passengers about their reasons for visiting the UK and their plans while there.

3. Prohibited items (such as drugs, counterfeit products, currency, cigarettes, guns, or endangered plants or animals) are searched as people, their luggage, cars, coaches, and freight trucks enter or exit the nation.

4. Enforce rules and regulations, sometimes by seizing items or arranging for the detention of illegal immigrants.

5. Other organizations, such as the police, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the National Crime Agency (NCA), and UK Visas and Immigration, should be notified of your concerns.

6. By boat, patrol the coastline

7. Deliver court testimony in cases involving counter-terrorism, organized crime, contemporary slavery, and human trafficking.

Eligibility/Qualification to become a Custom officer or Border Force Officer (BF)?

Although a degree is not required to join the Border Force, graduates from any discipline are encouraged to apply. The following topics may be particularly beneficial:

  • criminology
  • psychology
  • public services
  • law.

Following are the additional requirements:

  • Must be over 18 years of age.
  • In accordance with Civil Service Nationality Rules, you must be a UK national with a full and valid passport or show equivalent evidence of UK nationality.
  • Should have spent the last five years in the United Kingdom.
  • Should have passed security checks
  • Must pass a medical examination
  • Must possess a high level of fitness
  • Should have a valid driver’s license

How to study or apply to become a customs officer or Border Force Officer (BF)?

1. Become a customs officer in one of two ways: as an administrative assistant or as an assistant officer. In any case, you’ll have to meet the Civil Service requirements.

2. To work as an assistant, you’ll typically require two GCSEs or the equivalent in grades 9-4 (A*-C).

3. To work as an assistant officer, you’ll typically require five GCSEs with grades 9-4/A*-C (or the equivalent), including English and arithmetic, as well as two A-levels or the equivalent.

During the first 6 to 12 months, you’ll receive ongoing training. After you’ve completed your probationary time, you’ll be given full command of the Border Force.

Salary of the customs officer and Border Officer (BF) in the UK?

As a Border Force officer, you might earn between £24,883 and £27,372 per year.

As a customs officer in the UK, you could earn between £16,000 and £26,000 per year on average.


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