How to become a customs and Border Force Officer in Chile?

Who is Border Guard in Chile?

It is the Chilean national police also known as Carabineros de Chile. It was formed by the president in 1927. The Fiscal Police, the Rural Police, and the existing Corps of Carabineros were amalgamated to establish the Carabineros de Chile, a unified paramilitary and national security entity under the control of the national government.

What are the duties/responsibilities of the Border Guard in Chile?

1. through civic education, to maintain or re-establish order and security in Chilean society.

2. Community service and police work.

3. to function as a military force in a conflict situation.

4. Patrols on foot, by car, by boat, or by plane near the border or along the coast to catch anybody attempting to enter the nation illegally.

5. Apprehends and detains illegal immigrants in preparation for immigration authorities’ action.

6. Agricultural workers near the border may be questioned in an attempt to identify and detain illegal immigrants.

7. Customs authorities may be notified if evidence of smuggling is discovered while on patrol.

Salary of the Border guard in Chile?

In Chile, a Border Guard earns an average of CLP 16,595,435 per year and CLP 7,979 per hour.


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