How to become a customs and Border Force Officer in Finland

Who is Finnish Border Guard in Finland?

The Finnish Border Guard is the national security agency in charge of Finland’s border security. It is a military organization that reports to the Ministry of the Interior in administrative matters and to the President of the Republic in matters relating to the president’s Commander-in-Chief power.

In immigration concerns, the Border Guard has police and investigative authorities, and it can conduct its own investigations.

What are the duties/responsibilities of a  Finnish Border Guard in Finland?

  • Defending Finland’s land boundaries and territorial seas from unlawful intrusion.
  • Border crossings, airports, and ports all have passport checkpoints.
  • The first line of defense in the event of a territorial invasion
  • The first line of defense in the event of a territorial invasion
  • Attempts at the rescue (mainly at sea and in the remote areas of Lapland).
  • In the event of exceptional situations such as wildfires, assist other authorities such as the Fire Department.
  • Border security-related offenses are being investigated.
  • Assisting police officers with civic duties including crowd management and riot control.
  • Internal security-related military operations.

Eligibility/Training to become a border guard officer?

  • Officers from the Finnish Border and Coast Guard, as well as officers from the Finnish Defence Forces, are trained at the National Defence University.
  • Officers must be mentally and physically fit, have professional skills, be able to cooperate and be trustworthy.

Salary of border guard officer in Finland?

In Finland, a police officer earns an average of €58,022 per year and €28 per hour.

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