How to become a customs and Border Force Officer in South Africa

Who is the customs Officer in South Africa?

A customs officer is a government-employed law enforcement official who enforces customs legislation. Customs personnel inspects persons, ships, planes, and automobiles entering and departing the country to ensure that the proper duties are paid, that no illegal products such as drugs, fauna, or flora are smuggled, and that all relevant documentation is in order.

What are the duties/responsibilities of Customs Officer in South Africa?

  • Conduct traveler clearance on arrival and departure
  • Ascertain that all travelers who violate the validity of their permits face the appropriate administrative penalties.
  • In compliance with the Immigration Act, provide cross-border permits to all qualifying travelers.
  • In compliance with the SA Passport and Travel Documents Accreditation Act, issue emergency travel documents to all eligible RSA residents.
  • Establishing guarantees and deposits.
  • Asylum seekers should be dealt with in accordance with the Refugees Act.
  • Detect signs and traces in conveyers to determine whether or not there has been a migration violation or other illicit activity.
  • Ensure that castaways, stowaways, and deserters are processed efficiently.
  • Make it easier to prosecute anyone who travels with forged South African documents.

Eligibility/Qualification to become Customs officer in South Africa?

  • A three-year degree/diploma and/or a Grade 12 certificate are required, as well as one year of experience working in an immigration setting.
  • Knowledge of the standard operating procedures for migration control, patrol, and inspection in a port of entry.
  • The Immigration Act is something you should be aware of. The South African Constitution, as well as the Refugees Act, the Criminal Prosecution Act, the Public Service Act and Regulations, and the Public Finance Management Act.
  • International Treaties: An Overview
  • Knowledge of computers
  • Improvements in client innovation and service delivery Within the context of legal frameworks, orientation
  • Problem-solving, data collection, analysis, trend detection, and report writing skills are all essential. Communication skills, both written and verbal
  • A track record of successful business partnerships and stakeholder engagement.
  • Integrity and honesty, as well as interrogation skills
  • Security-conscious, collaborative, and decisive. •
  • Shift work and the willingness to work odd hours
  • A valid driver’s license and a desire to travel are both required.
  • Experience in the military will be beneficial.

Salary of customs Officer in South Africa

The average gross compensation for a customs officer in South Africa is R326,972 or R157 per hour.

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