How to become a customs and Border Force Officer in Switzerland?

Who is Border Guard in Switzerland?

The Swiss Border Guard was a federal law enforcement institution that served as Switzerland’s border guard and customs department. The Federal Customs Administration, which is part of the Federal Department of Finance, had a uniformed and armed section.

It was the federal government’s largest civilian security agency. Its members were prosecuted under military law. The Swiss Border Guard was in charge of customs and migration-related prevention, intervention, and repression.

What are the duties/responsibilities of a Border guard in Switzerland?

1. While combating smuggling and trans-border crime, the Swiss Border Guard kept track of people and goods crossing the Swiss border.

2. It took part in overseas missions as well. Furthermore, the Swiss Border Guard provided agents to the Federal Office of Police (ground and air marshals).

3. the agents in charge of preventing mishaps onboard planes and at airports.

4. Border guard duties also include checking of smuggling, which includes the smuggling of prohibited products such as guns, narcotics, and other illegal substances.

5. Taxes and duties, such as VAT, customs, and road taxes, are collected.

6. Performing economic, commercial, health, and environmental policing tasks, such as combating undeclared work, counterfeit branded goods and pharmaceuticals, and trading in protected animal and plant species.

7. To counteract cross-border crime, investigators look into people, objects, and vehicles, as well as look for counterfeit paperwork.

8. To combat money laundering and terrorist financing, cross-border cash transactions must be regulated.

9. Security procedures aboard Swiss aircraft in international commercial aviation to prevent criminal conduct.

10. the act of registering people or the issuance of formal documents.

Salary of the Border guard in Switzerland?

In Bern, Switzerland, the average pay for a Border Guard is CHF 87,403 per year and CHF 42 per hour.


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