How to become a customs and Border Force Officer in Denmark

Who is the Danish Police force in Denmark?

Denmark’s police force also known as Politiit is the interior part of Denmark’s security forces in the Kingdom. The police are in charge of enforcing the law and maintaining public and social order, as well as border control.

Denmark’s police force is divided into 12 districts, each led by a director, and two minor districts in Greenland and the Faroe Islands, each led by a local police chief.

What are the duties/responsibilities of a Danish Police officer?

  • preventing criminal acts, public order disruptions, and threats to individual residents and public safety.
  • putting a stop to criminal activity as well as investigating and prosecuting criminal activity.
  • assisting citizens in potentially dangerous situations.
  • reviewing and inspecting in accordance with current norms and regulations.
  • Within current laws and regulations, assisting other authorities
  • various jobs that are inherently linked with police duties, as well as other chores that are performed under current norms and procedures.

What is the salary of a Danish Police officer?

In Denmark, the average wage for a border patrol officer is 622.900 KR.



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