Customs Competency Test for Declarants (SC401): A complete guide

What is Customs Competency Test for Declarants (SC401)?

An individual who is authorized by a declaring agent to perform any act or item in accordance with the Customs Act (Cap 70), the Regulation of Imports and Exports Act (Cap272A), and/or any regulations established thereunder on behalf of the declaring agency.

Custom Competency Test for Declarants must also be taken and passed by the applicant (SC 401).

How to prepare for the test?

  • Use the Singapore Customs website to familiarise yourself with the various permit kinds and procedures available.
  • Check out the Singapore Customs website for best practices in compliance;
  • You must complete the Singapore Customs website’s e-learning course.
  • Attend classes at Nanyang Polytechnic or Republic Polytechnic, such as SC101 and SC102.

Eligibility for test

  • A Singaporean citizen or permanent resident is required to be a Declarant in order to be eligible for registration.
  • A foreigner who holds a valid Singapore work permit or is a permanent resident of Singapore (PR).
  • Regulation 35D of the RIER and Regulation 112D of the CR both require that the Declarant be “fit and proper.”

How to enroll for the Customs Competency Test for Declarants (SC401)?

  • Visit and enrol here
  • It’s an open book test
  • You will have 50 multiple choice questions
  • Select the test date under each test session
  • Fill the required details
  • Once you filled and submit the details, an invoice (payment link) will be sent to the registered email within 2 weeks of the test date.
  • Make the payment through any AXS station or Singpost offices.
  • You can attend courses such as SC101 and SC102 at Nanyang Polytechnic or Republic Polytechnic for the experience. Note: It is not mandatory course for SC401 test.

*All the test participants must be vaccinated full dose of COVID-19

Where will be the test conducted?

At the Singapore Customs Academy

Duration of the test: 1.5 hours

Pass mark: 70% (i.e. 35 out of 50 questions)

What do you need to bring?

  • Own stationery (e.g. calculator, pens) and
  • internet devices such as laptop, tablet or mobile phone to access the online answer sheet and Customs website.

Fees: $29.96 (inclusive of GST)

When can you expect the result?

Receive email After 2 weeks of your test date. Participants who passed the test will receive an Email

Results will be emailed to all test participants about two weeks after the test date. Those who have passed the test will receive an E-certificate.

How to prepare for the Singapore Customs Competency Test?

Get to know more about the below topics

1. Introduction to Customs Procedures

– Overview of Customs import, export and transhipment procedure
– Registration procedures
– Controlled / Prohibited / Dutiable items
– Customs duty, excise duty and Goods and Services Tax
– Duty / Tax rates and calculations

2. Permit Application
– Different types of permit application
– Relevant permit conditions
– Amendments and cancellations of customs permit
– Refunds

3. Valuation
– Introduction to WTO Valuation Agreement
– Methods of valuation
– International Commercial Terms (incoterms)
– Common valuation issues

4. Classification
– Purpose of Harmonized System (HS)
– Structure of HS
– General Interpretation Rule

5. Rules of Origin (ROO)
– Purpose of ROO and Certificate of Origin (CO)
– ROO methodology
– CO application procedures
– Free Trade Agreements

6. Specialised Procedures
– Temporary importation / exportation procedures
– ATA Carnets
– Manifest procedures
– Duty Exemption / GST Relief
– Strategic Goods / Chemical Weapons Convention
– Customs Schemes and Licences
– Licensed Premises Scheme
– Zero-GST Warehouse Scheme

For more details, visit here

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