Duties and Taxes in Germany

Alcohol / Liquor, Fuel Tobacco allowance into Germany

Designation Preference authorised goods Non-preference authorised goods
Sparkling wine 2.20 euros per litre 2.30 euros per litre
Liqueur wine, vermouth, and other aromatised wine 2.10 euros per litre 2.10 euros per litre
Compound alcoholic preparations, spirits distilled from wine, liqueur and other spirit drinks from subheadings 2208 2012 to 2208 9078 of the customs tariff 6.60 euros per litre 6.80 euros per litre
Undenatured ethyl alcohol with an alcohol content of 80 % vol or more (in quantities up to 5 litres) 14.40 euros per litre 14.50 euros per litre
Undenatured ethyl alcohol with an alcohol content below 80 % vol (in quantities up to 5 litres) 9.80 euros per litre 9.90 euros per litre
Cigarettes 0.18 euros per cigarette 0.19 euros per cigarette
Cigars and cigarillos (in quantities up to 250) 27 percent * 42 percent *
Cigarette tobacco (in quantities up to 1 kilogramme) 70.30 euros per kilogramme 82.80 euros per kilogramme
Pipe tobacco (in quantities up to 1 kilogramme) 35.40 euros per kilogramme 49.30 euros per kilogramme
Petrol 0.90 euros per litre 0.90 euros per litre
Diesel fuel 0.70 euros per litre 0.70 euros per litre

*) The duty is calculated on the basis of the domestic prices for products of the same brand or the same quality.

If the quantities quoted in brackets in the “Designation” column are exceeded, the flat rate can no longer be applied. In such cases the duty is calculated according to the customs tariff.

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