Customs Office in Thailand Customer care Phone Number, Address, Email, Hours, How to reach, Services, VAT charges?

Custom Office in Thailand Address, Phone number, Email, Working hours, Website

Address: The Customs Department, 1, Suntorn Kosa Road, Klong Toey, Bangkok, 10110

Customs Hot-line: +66-2667-1164

Phone: +6626676000

Fax: +66-2667-7767

Business hours: Monday- Friday 8.30 am-4.30 pm (Saturday-Sunday closed)



Map: View the Location here

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How to contact Thailand Customs Info center / Help Desk?

Customs Hot-line: +66-2667-1164

Receive complaints:
Call Center : 1332

What are the Items for which duty is returned?

Raw materials that are present in items produced for export, such as fabric, buttons, zippers, thread in ready-made clothing products, plastic pellets, plastic sheets in plastic products, etc.
Raw materials used for direct production that are contained in items produced for export. Spray chemicals used to harden shirt collars in ready-made clothing products, solvents used to mix glue in cellophane products, rust preventatives in electrical circuit (IC) products, etc.
chemicals that make yarn sticky (Sizing Material), chemicals used in detergent (Bleaching Agent) in textile products, sandpaper, polishing powder, felt polishing solution.
Mixture used for polishing Things used for polishing, chalk, carbon paper, and patterns, etc.

What are the Items for which duty has not been refunded?

Machinery, tools and equipment that are durable and reusable, such as molds, various types of production equipment such as grinding balls used to grind minerals. Tools made from tungsten carbide used in the production of watches, etc.
Fuel used in production and lubricating products for use in machinery used in production, such as oil, firewood, coal, gas, and lubricating oil, etc.

Procedures for requesting a refund of duties on raw materials imported for export

The importer requests approval of the principle of duty refund a tax benefit registration number.
The Exporters must request a tax benefit registration number.
Importing goods
Submitting production formulas
Submitting the right transfer schedule
Submitting a request for a duty refund
Payment of taxes and duties on remaining raw materials

What is the Value-added tax (VAT) in Thailand?

Value Added Tax (VAT) has been implemented in Thailand since 1992 replacing Business Tax (BT).

VAT is an indirect tax imposed on the value added of each stage of production and distribution. 1. Taxable Person

What are the main import products of Thailand?

Imports The top imports of Thailand are Crude Petroleum, Integrated Circuits, Gold, Petroleum Gas, and Motor vehicles, parts and accessories

What are the main export products of Thailand?

  • The top export opportunities for Thailand according to the relatedness index, were
  • Platinum Clad Metals
  • Electrical Capacitors
  • Blank Audio Media
  • Edible Animal Products and Broadcasting Accessories
  • Chemicals and Plastics
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Automobiles and Auto Parts

How to determine customs prices?

Method 1 Transaction value of imported goods (Transaction value) refers to the purchase price that the buyer has actually paid or will pay to the overseas seller for the imported goods. The price has been adjusted or other values ​​or expenses have been included, such as the cost of additional materials, commission or royalties, etc.
Method 2 Transaction value of Identical Goods means the purchase price of items that are identical in every respect to imported goods. Whether it is physical, quality and reputation, and must be produced in the same country as the imported product, taking into account the cost of insurance. Cost of transporting imported goods to the customs checkpoint where the goods are imported, loading and unloading costs, and various handling costs. That is related to the transportation of goods to the customs checkpoint where the goods are imported.
Method number 3 Transaction value of Similar Goods means the trading price of goods that are not identical in every aspect to imported goods. But they have the same characteristics or use of materials that are the same. Produced in the same country and perform the same or interchangeable functions in trade, taking into account the quality, reputation, and trademarks of the imported goods.
Method number 4 Deductive Value means the price determined using the purchase price per unit of imported goods. or the purchase price per unit of the same or similar items sold in Thailand By deducting some expenses such as commission or profits and expenses. Shipping and insurance costs incurred in the Kingdom Taxation fees in Thailand The added value of a product that arises from assembly or additional processing.
Method number 5 Computed Value means the price determined based on the production costs of imported goods. Plus profits and general expenses normally included in sales from export countries to Thailand. Including the cost of containers, insurance and shipping costs.
Method number 6 Fall Back Value means setting price using the criteria Methods and conditions for setting prices according to Methods 1-5 are used with ease in order to set reasonable prices.

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