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Ukraine Customs Office in Kyiv Address | Phone number | Email | Working hours

Mailing Address: St. 11 Degtyarivska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 04119

Phone: +380 44 481 20 42

Operational duty (hotline): +380 44 247 27 06

Ukraine Government hotline: 15 45 (free in Ukraine), +380 44 284 19 15 (for calls from abroad)


For Public enquiries: +380 44 481 20 41; Email:,


Contact Ukraine Written appeals of citizens and requests for public information

Phone: +380 44 481 20 41

Email:; (More details about appeals and requests and the rules for their registration: gromadian , )

General department (informational reference on correspondence issues) Contacts

Тел.: +380 44 247 27 24


Ukraine Press service (for media representatives) Contacts

Тел.: +380 44 481 20 72 Email:

Services of Ukraine Customs

  • Administrative services
  • Legislative base
  • International cooperation
  • Public information
  • Interaction with the public
  • Draft regulatory acts for discussion
  • Interaction with the public
  • Public enquiries
  • Issues of digital development, digital transformation and digitalization
  • Evaluation of the activities of the State Customs Service
  • Work plans and reports
  • Internal audit
  • Statistics and registers
  • Indicators of comprehensive assessment
  • Appeals of decisions
  • Acts of EU law regarding the classification of goods according to the Combined Nomenclature of the EU
  • Publication in accordance with the WTO Agreement
  • Intellectual Property (IPR)
  • Control over the movement of military and dual-use goods
  • Datasets

Border crossing rules to enter Ukraine
What is the customs tax in Ukraine?

  • VAT is 20% calculated on the value of the goods at the customs exit and must be paid in Ukrainian currency, the Hryvnia.

How much will be the cost for goods in Ukraine Customs?

  • If the total invoice value of goods exceeds the equivalent of 150 euros, but does not exceed the equivalent of 10,000 euros, then such goods are subject to import duty at the rate of 10% .

Documents Required to enter Ukraine

  • Valid Passport (citizens of Turkey and Georgia can enter Ukraine by providing only ID-Cards)
  • Visa

What items are imported Duty-Free to Ukraine?

• 200 cigarettes / 50 cigars 250g of tobacco.
• 1L of spirits (over 25% volume of alcohol)
• 2L of lighter alcohol beverages (up to 25% volume of alcohol)
• Non-commercial amount items for personal use up to €200 of gifts or new items
• Food stuff of up to the value of €50 in no more than one package weighing 2kg

Items restricted while importing to Ukraine on Customs

• Live animals (health certificate & embassy Permission required).
• Endangered species and any products or parts thereof as outlined by CITES maybe be brought in only with CITES permission.
• Medication.
• Weapons and ammunition permissible (Authorised from Ministry of Interior).
• Gifts or new items of value within €200 – €1000.
• Cultural artefacts.
• Currency of value up to €10,000 can be declared, exceed amount must be declared in writing and have to have supplementary documentation confirming that the money had been withdrawn from legitimate source.

Prohibited items on Ukraine Customs

• Narcotics
• Pornography
• Counterfeit items
• Explosive material

How to move currency values ​​by individuals to Ukraine?

Resident natural person:

  1. up to 10,000 euros without written declaration
  2. Above 10,000 euros, subject to a written declaration in full and in the presence of documents confirming the withdrawal of cash from one’s own bank accounts and the person’s purchase of bank metals from banks and/or the National Bank for an amount exceeding the equivalent of 10,000 euros . The term of validity of such documents is 90 calendar days from the date of issue.

Non-resident natural person:

  1. up to 10,000 euros without written declaration
  2. more than 10,000 euros, subject to written declaration in full. At the same time, the amount of cash exported outside of Ukraine must not exceed the amount of cash declared in writing to the customs authority upon importation into Ukraine.

Procedure to export goods outside the customs territory of Ukraine


  • Not subject to written declaration for Goods invoice value does not exceed 10,000 euros.
  • Not subject to customs payments (by laws)


  • Goods whose total invoice value does not exceed the equivalent of 10,000 euros (with payment of the export duty).
  • Goods, the total amount of which in equivalent exceeds 10,000 euros, were temporarily imported into the customs territory of Ukraine under the obligation of their return export; received by non-resident citizens in the form of prizes, awards for participation in competitions, contests, festivals, etc., held on the territory of Ukraine.

How can Ukraine citizens carry weapons across the customs border?

Firearms, except for military-style weapons, loaded cartridges for them, pneumatic and melee weapons are transported by citizens of Ukraine across the state border of Ukraine:

  • by citizens of Ukraine on the basis of permits of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Ukraine
  • by foreign citizens – only with the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.


1. When do Customs conduct audit checks?

  • Customs Auditors conduct checks when there is circumstance of activities posing risks to the maximum collection of government revenue.

2. What happens if customs detect discrepancies?

  • When customs auditors detect discrepancies, assessments are raised by customs for settlement by the client on audit.

3. How can citizens import goods (except excise and personal items) into the customs territory?

  • Through checkpoints open for air traffic , in accompanied baggage and hand luggage.
  • Through checkpoints other than those open for air traffic in accompanied baggage or hand luggage.
  • Forwarding of goods (except for excise goods) arriving at the recipient’s address in one dispatch from one sender in international express shipments, in unaccompanied baggage.

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