How to become a Customs and Border Security Officer (BSO) in Canada?

How to become a Customs Officer in Canada?

Canadian Customs Officer

Who is a border services officer (BSO) in Canada?

Border services officers (BSO) ensure the free passage of acceptable persons and commodities while supporting national security and public safety priorities, safeguarding Canada’s security and prosperity. They implement rules and regulations that affect practically every sector of Canadian society at 1,100 points of service across the country, including land borders, international airports, marine terminals, rail ports, and postal facilities.

What are the duties/responsibility of a Border Service officer (BSO)?

A BSO is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to serve their country while also being challenged on a daily basis.

  1. Collaborate with and support other government departments to ensure the safety of Canada’s resources in the battle against terrorism, criminality, illegal immigration, and the illegal wildlife trade.
  2. Encourage economic growth by implementing over 90 trade and commerce-related rules and regulations that affect every aspect of Canadian society.
  3. Import tariffs and taxes must be collected.
  4. Preventing the entry of narcotics, weapons and guns, obscene materials, and other forbidden commodities into Canada protects Canadians, the environment, and businesses.
  5. aid in the prevention of diseases in humans, animals, and plants

Eligibility/Qualification to become a Border Service Officer ( BSO) in Canada?

  1. Permanent residency in Canada or citizenship in Canada.
  2. Graduates with a university degree or a 2-year college diploma in criminology, law, security, psychology, sociology, or police may be considered an addition to the training and development program.
  3. A valid driver’s license must have no restrictions and must be a complete driver’s license.
  4. Complete the Canadian Firearms Safety and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Courses and pass the applicable tests.

Salary of the Border Service Officer (BSO) in Canada?

The annual pay as a trainee will range from $64,234 to $71,525 each year (FB-02). When a new collective agreement is signed, pay rates are susceptible to change.

After successfully completing the development program at an allocated port of entry. Your compensation will rise from $69,486 to $82,411 each year. If you work in a bilingual role, you are also entitled to a bilingual bonus.

How to apply for Border Service Officer (BSO) in Canada?

Job openings for BSO trainees can be found on the government of Canada’s website, Candidates who meet all of the requirements must submit a résumé as well as proof of completion of secondary school. Before a candidate can be invited to take the required standardized tests, the application must clearly explain how he or she meets all BSO standards.

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