Custom Clearance Procedure in Australia

Procedure to clear the custom duty in Australia

Australia does not call for a general licence necessary for importing. Yet, Australian Customs clear all goods on import. However, importers might need to obtain permits to clear certain imported goods from customs control depending on the nature of the goods and regardless of value. Importers need to ensure that the goods keep to the mandatory safety or information standards.

Documents for Customs Clearance in Australia

  • Import Declaration for goods over a value of AUD1000
  • Self Assessed Clearance (SAC) declaration for low value goods
  • Customs Client Identifier (CCID)/Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Evidence of Identity (EOI)
  • Bills of lading, Air waybills
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Import Permit and Licences if required

How to import goods into Australia? | Documents required to import goods into Australia

Procedure of Import clearance

Import customs and duty procedures in Australia

  • Fill and submit an import declaration if value of your goods is over AUD1000
  • This declaration can be done by Internet, via the Integrated Cargo System (ICS), or by a Customs document, form B650. You need to pay GST once the goods are cleared at Customs.
  • Customs and Border Protection conducts EOI checks to verify the identity of the parties
  • Fill and submit Self Assessed Clearance (SAC) declaration for low value goods
  • There is no charge for SAC. This will be taken care of by the cargo company or freight forwarder if their services are engaged.
  • Provide EOI and register as a Client in the ICS using Form B319 (if not already registered) If you already have a Customs Client Identification (CCID) or an ABN you are not required to register.
  • Submit all invoices, bills of lading, permits if required
  • Customs and Border Protection examines the goods to ensure that they are not prohibited or restricted or a quarantine risk. Check prohibited items.
  • If your goods also fall under quarantine regulations, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resourceswill need to inspect and possibly treat them.
  • Pay duty taxes and charges as required.
  • You can check the Customs Duties and Local Taxes that apply to your product

Australian Custom Duties

Customs duties are calculated Ad Valorem on the basis of the FOB value of the product. The Customs tax base is usually the Customs valuation of the imported goods. Tax is payable as soon as the goods have cleared Customs. Duties are payable in cash ( in euros, by cheque, by cash money order, by bank transfer).

List of items you can bring into Australia

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