Bosnia and Herzegovina Regional Custom Office in Mostar Customer care Phone Number, Address, Email, Hours, How to reach, Services, VAT charges?

Regional Custom Office in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Address, Phone number, Email, Website, and Services

Mostar custom office Address: Rodoč bb, 88 000 Mostar

Telephone: +387 36 350 177, +387 36 350 171

Fax: +387 51 335 101



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How to reach Customs office in Mostar by Bus / Metro / Taxi?

Nearby Bus Station:

  • Park Musala Bus Stop
  • Flix Bus Mostar
  • Blagaj Bus Stop

By Metro:

  • Spagna
  • San Giovanni
  • Anagnina
  • Nyugati palyaudvar

Nearest Taxi Stand:

  • Moj Taxi 1503
  • Taxi služba 063 315 315
  • Taxi Pajo

How to contact Bosnia and Herzegovina Customs Info center / Help Desk?

What is the Value-added tax (VAT) in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

  • Standard VAT rate: 17%
  • No reduced VAT rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Taxable persons are all individuals and legal entities registered, or required to be registered, for VAT.

What are the main import products of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

  1. Machinery and transport equipment (20 %)
  2. Mineral fuels, lubricants and similar products (13 %)
  3. Chemical products (13 %)
  4. Food and live animals (13 %)

Who are the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main import partners ?

  • Croatia, Germany, Italy, Serbia, China, Slovenia, Turkey and Austria.

What are the main export products of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

  1. Machinery and transport equipment (17 percent of total exports)
  2. Chemical products (8 percent)
  3. Inedible raw materials except fuels (8 percent)
  4. Mineral fuels, lubricants and similar products (7 percent)
  5. Food and live animals (6 percent).

Who are the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main export partners ?

  • Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria and Turkey.

How to sent a Customer queries / feedback in Bosnia Customs?

  1. Visit Bosnia Customs Feedback Form
  2. Enter the required questions details.
  3. Click “Submit”.

What are the Bosnia and Herzegovina Customs Excise duty amounts and rates?

  • Excise duty on other tobacco products shall be paid at the rate of 42% of the base.
  • Excise duty for cigarettes shall be paid as follows:

а) proportionally, at the rate of 42 % to the base and
b) specific excise duty determined by the Governing Board each year in a specific decision no later than the 30 September of the previous calender year;

Products Per litre
Diesel fuel and other gas oils BAM 0.30
Kerosene BAM 0.30
Motor gas – unleaded BAM 0.35
Motor gasoline BAM 0.40
Fuel oil extra light and light special (ЕL и LS) BAM 0.30
Non-alcoholic beverages BAM 0.10
Beer BAM 0.20
Wine BAM 0.25
Alcohol BAM 15.00
Alcoholic beverages BAM 15.00
Natural fruit brandy BAM 8.00
Green coffee BAM 1.50/Kg
Roasted coffee (beans or ground) BAM 3.00/Kg
Roasted coffee shells and parchments and other coffee products BAM 3.50/Kg

What are the e-Customs services in Bosnia?

ASYCUDA (Automated SYstem for CUstoms Data – automated system for customs data processing) is a computerised customs management system. The ASYCUDA system for customs data processing is used in the following European countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia.

ASYCUDA++, is used in Bosnia and Herzegovina and functional in three languages (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian) and two scripts (Latin and Cyrillic). The system has been operational in inland customs offices and at border crossing points since 2002. It has been used by the internal users (ITA staff), as well as by external users (freight forwarders, audit and inspection authorities).

The introduction of the ASYCUDA system in Bosnia and Herzegovina allows for the following: electronic submission of customs and transit declarations (DTI – Direct Trader Input), application of selectivity in import/export procedures, electronic discharge of transit declarations, automated discharge of customs duty payments, updated statistics, speed-up of customs clearance procedure, facilitations in movement of goods and passengers.

What is the e-VAT Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The taxpayers who want to become the users of the new “e-VAT” system of the Indirect Taxation Authority have to:

  • Submit signed and certified statement (posted on the ITA web site) to the relevant ITA Regional Center – IT Group.
  • Have internet connection
  • Web browse
  • Some basic experience in operating web applications.

How to access e-VAT?


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